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What is a Health Coach?

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Today we all know WHAT we should be doing to get healthier. Eating the right foods, sleeping 7 hours, meditating. But why are we not doing what we know is good for us, and who can help? Introducing the Health Coach.....

A Health Coach is someone certified in lifestyle change. They help us change our habits around what we eat, how we sleep, manage stress and exercise. Instead of focusing only on the WHAT to do, they focus on the WHY are we doing it and HOW to actually change.

The Why helps us change our lifestyle for good rather than use willpower. Willpower usually only works for a few weeks. A Health Coach helps us understand what we will use our great health for. It could be to have a child, it could be to be able to have the energy to juggle being a great parent, leader, friend and partner. It could be so that we don't suffer from long drawn out chronic disease, or to be an active grand parent.

Once we know why we want great health, a Coach helps us with the How to be healthier- how to actually change habits and ingrained behaviors. By incorporating the Habits methods of Stanford’s BJ Fogg and others, a Coach makes the journey of climbing the mountain to Getting Healthy digestible and easier. Yes it’s normal to fall off but with a Coach you usually don’t fall far and you get back on track. What helps you is the why and the how together with the accountability of your ally and partner - your Coach.

I certified as a Coach in Functional Medicine- a new branch of medicine that is based on looking holistically at the root causes of ill-health. The idea being if you focus on nutrition, stress reduction, sleep and exercise you can reduce most things - from fatigue, weight issues and even chronic disease like strokes and diabetes. It can also significantly increase your chances of a healthy baby.

Weight Loss

This is one of the most common reasons clients come to see me. We look at what you eat but also how you eat and why you eat. You may have binge on junk food so we’d work on why that happens and fix the root. Tying in why you really want to lose weight should solve your weight issues forever. It’s both a mental and physical approach, as they are so inextricably linked.

Based in Asia, I bring in the Eastern practices of ayurveda, pranayama, yoga and meditation together with this evidence-based scientific Western approach of Functional and Lifestyle Medicine.

I work with the high achievers who want to have it all. Corporate athletes and entrepreneurs - ambitious folk who play and work hard.

What does being healthy look like

Please don’t think that being healthy is boring as it’s actually anything but.

I think it’s boring to feel tired and stressed all the time.

Being healthy means you get to eat the best food. Eat the best produce and oils and cut out the crap. It means prioritizing sleep and being more effective and present. It means feeling joy and happiness as your body and mind reach their peak. So you maximize your life.

I want great health to have the happiness and energy to be a great Coach, Mother, Friend and Partner.

I leave you with this question - what do you want your health for? What are you going to do with it?

Niki Gomez

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