maximise me

for professionals

Stop job burn-out.

Get balance. A re-start to be top of your game.

Switch yourself on.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Switch on to an extraordinary life.
Here's how.
Habits and relationships make it happen.
1. We give you a personal health coach who assesses and co-creates your vision.
2. We devise your personal plan and set of micro-habits that roll out to get you there!

3. We'll change your lifestyle through movement, diet and relaxation. 

Because health is everything.


We're with you along the way, as much or as little as you'd like. Cheering you on, because we know it gets lonely at the top, as well as on the way there. 

No results, and your money back. 

What are micro habits?


Micro habits are small actionable power steps to become the full you. 

We've used studies  of habits and their results on thousands of people globally and how to make them fit. We'll advise on how you can anchor them into your daily life. So they stick.

how do I 

maximise me?


Start by affirming you are serious about having great physical and mental health. 


Have a 121 health assessment call where we chat about your lifestyle and needs.

We create your custom health plan and you start adding micro- habits into your life. 


You have weekly check-in calls with your health coach. 

We connect you with our global health experts for121 personal coaching through our app: live sessions, bite-sized content and chat.


You set your health vision- where you want to be in the future- and we set trackers to monitor how you're doing.


Regular check-ins with your coach moves you up health levels. 

When you're ready, you join Your Gang - a group of like-minded people.


Your overall health starts to improve.


Become who you want to be.

Get stuff done - feel more focused and motivated. You may even reverse diseases you've been diagnosed with. 

Your poo will float - wait, what? 


What exactly will I be doing? 

With Maximise Me you'll focus on mental and physical health because a diet and fitness plan is often not enough to lose weight. It's usually based on how you feel about yourself. 

Who will I be working with?

You'll work with your own personal Health Coach via regular live calls or remotely with our app, depending which package you're on. Your Coach is a professional, trained in the Micro-habits method with extraordinary stories to tell. Our app algorithm has been created by our Chief Health Officer and coaches working with technology specialists.

How do I work with Experts?

Your Coach will recommend our trusted experts to work with when you need them as part of your Health Plan. You may see them for one session, a month or longer. They are available on-line and in-person depending which you prefer. See Our Team for more details. 

What results will I see?

We use everyday habits to change how you live and make you feel more motivated and full of life. You should see lower levels of stress, depression and anxiety as well as improvements in chronic diseases such as heart, obesity and diabetes.

How do you advise on what is healthy as it seems to keep changing? 

New research keeps discrediting accepted know-how. So we filter through fads and facts across Health Science and Eastern wisdom, verifying with Western medicine.

Health coaching can be expensive - are you? 

We don't want to cause you more stress, so our platform has different packages to suit you. Whether you're a company with 10,000 employees or an individual wanting to dream big.

Great health suits you. 


“I hadn't slept through the night for 9 months, since my baby was born. And going back to work was tough.  

 Maximise Me gave me small things to do every week that have sorted me out within 3 weeks of joining.

I look forward to our weekly check-ins!”


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We get you beyond health fads with nutrition experts informed by Keto, Gut Microbiome and Ayurveda.

For us, fitness covers a 5 min work- out, a daily swim or marathon training.  Whatever fits into your vision and lifestyle.

Relaxation can be yoga and breath-work, meditation and pranayama.


For sleep issues you might work with our Lifestyle Doctor and GP who'll give you all the know-how to get from A to Zzzz. Or our hypnotherapist might fix the anxious thoughts that are holding you back.

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