niki gomez

I help
busy people

improve their health
to have extraordinary lives

I have a lot going on and often feel tired and stressed

I want to lose weight and get

healthier, but it's just not happening

I want to be more present, not always thinking about other things

If you relate, read on


i hear you

"I feel tired when I wake up"

"I eat too fast, on the go and slump after meals"

"I feel anxious a lot of the time"

"I feel I need a drink every night and I don't like that"

"I crave sugar / cigarettes"

"It's taking me longer to get pregnant than I'd thought"

I've been there too.

You've tried on your own to fix these things,

but change is tough alone.

Reach out to see how we can help. 


Wellbeing for individuals

and companies

Today's business leaders need to be business athletes. You need to have the stamina and discipline to run the course.


We offer mindfulness and health coaching to ensure leaders are optimising their health in terms of the right sleep, nutrition, stress and exercise. Our MICROHABITS method makes it easy to stay on track and motivated.

With regular sessions we work on your health vision and get you there.

We use our mobile app in between to track progress and share content.

So you can do it all, with increased energy and mental clarity. 


Choose a goal


I want to

Manage weight

& cravings

Feel more energetic

Feel less stress / anxiety

Have a baby faster


If these speak to you, reach out below.

Mindfulness sessions

Learn the tools to more present in your life. To show up and actually be there, to be able to quickly relax and de-stress, finding deeper happiness every day. 

Health Coaching sessions

Guided Lifestyle Change to enhance your mental and physical well-being.

Ideal for anyone committed to change, to reach and maintain fitness and wellness goals. 



Sessions happen in-person in Mumbai &
on Zoom anywhere in the world.
Pay by credit card or PayPal.
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I'm Niki

Change is hard alone. 

I'm Niki.

When I graduated with an MBA from MIT I worked as a Marketing professional in Europe and Asia.

5 years ago I changed course, and followed my passion leaving my Marketing career for one in Health and Wellness.

I am now certified in Functional Medicine Health Coaching. 

Last year I lost 8 kg by doing the Elimination Diet and realised my lifelong dodgy tummy was due to gluten-sensitivity. This has changed my life for the better. I know I've now found my equilibrium body shape and won't struggle with my weight anymore.

And I can still eat pasta and bread, just the gluten- free kind. My married life depends on it, since my husband's Italian!

I've worked with

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Niki greatly helped in the journey to get my zest for life back.
The coaching she offered was oriented in building healthy habits rather than get short term results and so far, those habits are still part of my everyday life.  I still enjoy my daily walk and struggle if I don’t take it.