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Health Coaching for High Achievers

Do you want to change something in your life?

Change is tough alone. So, we're here.

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We hear you

"I want something to change in my life."

"I feel tired when I wake up".

"I eat too fast, on the go and have a slump after meals".

"I feel anxious a lot of the time."

"I feel I need a drink every night and I don't like that feeling".

"I crave sugar".

"It's taking me longer to get pregnant than I'd thought".

Do you know that by making some small changes, you'd feel better?

You've tried on your own but haven’t quite made it. Not yet.

Reach out to see how we can help. 

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Do you


- want to change?

- want support so you’re more likely to change for good?

We work with people who really want to change some part of their lives- whether they want to enjoy life more, be a better parent, or feel less bloated.


We are a small practice of Health Coaches who support you to achieve your health goals- short or long-term using Functional Medicine, Eastern Wellness and Behavioural Psychology.


We work across Nutrition, Movement and Stress Reduction. We also cover mental health, relationships and our external environment. Since all of these affect our health.  

how do I 

maximise me?

easy as 1,2,3..



Start by affirming you're serious about maximising yourself. Being the best version of yourself. 

Acknowledge that great physical and mental health lets you perform better. At everything. 


Have a free 20 min chat with Founder Niki. She'll discuss what you'd like to work on and how we can help.


Then she'll match you with a Health Coach and you can have a session straight away.

We usually offer packages of 6 coaching sessions to start. The sessions can happen in-person or online through our mobile app.  




With your Coach you are empowered to delve into yourself and improve the areas of your life you're ready to work on- from sleep, movement, stress, relationships and more. Together we create your custom health plan and give you micro-habits to add into your life. 

You and your Health Coach have regular check-in calls, usually once a week.

Your Coach connects you with our specialists for additional sessions if needed- e.g. join our meditation group classes, sessions with your personal fitness coach, psychotherapist or yoga teacher.


Get more stuff done - feel more energised, focused and motivated.

Improve your skin and digestion.

You may even reverse diseases you've been previously diagnosed with.

Really? How? 


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Why it Works

Usually the culprits for low performance and chronic diseases are lifestyle factors.


Functional and Lifestyle Medicine is at our core. This is evidence - or Science-based research from clinical trials. This is modern medicine, with the addition of the root causes of disease, rather than just tackling the symptoms.

Our Health Coaches are trained in Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Reduction.  The difference between a Coach and a Nutrtitionist or Doctor is our training in behavioural psychology- we understand what motivates you personally to make your changes achievable and repeatable. We know that willpower is not enough for ongoing change.  

You'll go beyond health fads with our experts who can also educate you on the latest thinking including Elimination Diets,  Keto, Gut Microbiome, Inflammation, Breathwork, Meditation and the importance of Sleep.

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Our Magic

At Maxmise Me we're high touch and we use technology. This means that we're with you as much or as little as you need.

Through our mobile app, our health experts work with you through regular live video sessions.  You can be in touch with us in-between sessions too. We share videos and articles, and set goals with reminders, if you want that.

Our app also links to your Fit Bit, smart scales, Apple and Android Health, so we can easily track your health progress. 

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“I hadn't slept through the night for a year, due to anxious thoughts. So being at work was tough.  
 Maximise Me gave me small fun things to do every week that sorted me out within 3 weeks.
I look forward to my weekly check-ins with my Coach!”


Health Coach?

"Health Coaches take the time to get to know patients fully, find their internal motivation and set them up for success that’s personalized. Health happens in the 99.9 percent of your life when you’re not in the doctor’s office.”

The New York Times

A Health Coach helps you get healthier in general. They are your accountability partner who works with you to unlock the life you desire. A Health Coach can also push and inform you, if that's what you're looking for. Our coaching is based on Functional/Lifestyle Medicine with has a heavy dose of Nutrition, Movement and Stress Reduction coupled with Behavioural Psychology and micro-habit methodology.

Coaches look at overall health and underlying causes to e.g. why you can't lose weight, give up sugar or are feeling de-motivated. 

All our Coaches come from NBHWC or IFC certified courses, which means that they have some heavy-weight experience and training behind them.

Because we take your Health seriously, ensuring you're in safe and effective hands.

Some Coaches have additional qualifications such as degrees in Medicine, Habit - forming, Yoga, Meditation and psychology certifications.

Our Coaches are international and work remotely, ensuring we'll find someone who speaks your language, in your timezone and gets your culture!



Founder's Story

Change is harder alone. 

I'm Niki. At age 40 I had 3 university degrees, was working in Marketing in London, was single and wasn’t happy.


I knew I wanted a different kind of life.

So with the help of my friends, I moved to Asia for a corporate job that I loved, met a man and got married, went through fertility treatments and now have a baby. In the last 5 years my life did a 360 turn.


Today we live in a dream place by the Indian Ocean and work hard on our businesses. We feel free and more in control of our lives.

This year I lost 8 kg by doing the Elimination Diet and realising my life-long IBS was due to gluten-sensitivity. This has changed my life for the better. I know I've now found my equilibrium body shape and won't struggle with my weight anymore.

And I can still eat pasta, just the gluten- free kind - my married life depends on it, since my husband's Italian!