Digital-coffeee_DEP3 Apr 2014

Douwe Egberts

We produced a digital health check and customer insights and market/competitor analysis for the 3rd largest global coffee brand. We also made recommendations for the company's B2B digital strategy in a 50 page report of our findings. The report covered the major growth markets- across Europe and Australia and was presented at the International Websites Forum in

niki-text_sm_opt14 Aug 2013

The Tamil Tigers, TED Talks and Anonymous: what do they have in common?

Though their ideologies may be quite different, they do a powerful job at connecting people, online and in the physical world. Today’s civil societies need ways to strengthen their connections between people, which are crumbling, according to Robert Putnam’s study of the US (Bowling Alone, 2000). However, more recently, Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman (Networked: The New Social Operating System, 2012) argue that we are more connected to others than ever before, but in a

The Networked High St3 Aug 2013

The UK ‘Networked’ High St

Report: From UK High Street to Networked High Street - Retail Technologies Contribution to Bill Grimsey’s UK High St White Paper.   By Eva Pascoe & Niki Gomez 17 July 2013   This is the retail technology contribution to the Future of Retail White Paper to be delivered to the House of Commons on 4th Sept as part of the Bill Grimsey Review. It builds on the Review of the UK High St by Mary

MEdia Art29 Apr 2013

Cybersalon: Media Art Then and Now: 27 March 2013

This event was the place to be on a freezing Wednesday 27th March. We all gathered at the ever so the hospitable Arts Catalyst (thank you Rob), armed with beer and pizzas (thank you Easynet) and barely able to contain our excitement at what was to come tonight. The event was kicked off by Ilze Black, the Chair for the evening, who gave a brief intro to the topic and run through our working taxonomy of the New Media Art.

Gilberto Gil Cybersalon1 Apr 2013

Brazil’s Favelas : Improving Digital Media Skills

The Pontos de Cultura Project Ponto de Cultura or Cultural Hotspots Gilberto Gil, Brazilian Minister of Culture, set up the Ponto de Cultura or Cultural Hotspots initiative across favelas, or slums in Brazil. The initiative gave Internet access, digital media equipment and Open Source software to 2,500 favelas across the country to equip them with digital skills. The aim was to improve digital skills and employment possibilities of the citizens. It was also to increase

FashionShow5_opt1 Apr 2013

Early Cybersalons – in the 2000s

Music and Copyright Cybersalon, 2000 April 2000: In the wake of Napster being shut down, we put on a 1 day symposium and event about Music and Copyright where we examined the future of the music industry in the face of digital media. We invited Jacques Attali, French intellectual who argued from his book Noise that the music industry led the way in technological change and gave a historical perspective. The Net Music and Copyright

cybersalon digital design26 Mar 2013

Digital Design Cybersalon

  We are back!  After 5 years of self-imposed digital exile Cybersalon has returned to London’s digital scene with the first evening of talks, discussions and networking over wine and Polish beer on 30th January 2013. Our first meeting  was focused on commercial web design from Antirom and Tomato to the Silicon Roundabout. Speakers: Laura Jordan (SheSays); Jim Boulton (Digital Archaeology) and Craig Blagg (iwillreply). It took us a few months to find the right

classroom225 Mar 2013

Falling down MIT’s Infinite Corridor…

So it has been a whirlwind of loads of learning- from building rafts out of barrels and paddles on Thompson Island and dancing till late before jumping into the Atlantic... to how a film's choice of revenue recognition affected their share price discrimination and tapping into consumer beers with accounting professor Joe at the Muddy Charles and discussing how the professors 'collude' to make their subjects all tie together arguing whether cooking

Setting up a new London creative industries centre

I joined Rich Mix as Creative Director in 2004. I was the first employee as part of the founder team to build  a new art centre for London- with 3 cinemas, cafe, BBC London, galleries. performance spaces and workspaces for creative companies. It was very much in 'start-up mode and so we ended up doing a bit of everything. It was a really amazing time, all hands on deck to grow an organisation and finish the building of

Cybersalon_social Media_eva10 Mar 2013

Cybersalon: Has Social Media Lived up to its original promise?

  We held an event on 27 Feb 2013 to answer this question. Early pioneers of the internet hailed this new medium as the harbinger of person to person media. A new media that will destroy government and corporate hierarchies and allow us to create new identities and have more freedom. Less prosaic perhaps but even more pervasive has been the claims by many others that it will usher in an age of media and