"Niki uses her 15 years knowledge of digital media and marketing together with European and Indian markets to produce outstanding analytical insights."

Eva Pascoe, Co-founder EasyNet Global and Cyberia.

Niki Gomez

Marketing Strategy Consultant


Niki has lived and worked in seven countries- across Europe, the US and Asia. She has worked in digital media for 15 years, first as an employee in creative organisations and then as a Marketing Strategy consultant for private and public sector clients.

Niki is a co-founder of the think-tank on Digital Futures, Cybersalon, and has an MBA from the Sloan School of Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

She is a Senior Consultant for Delta - Brand valuation and quantitative analysis for rebranding.

Her expertise is in branding and marketing, strategy audience development and digital media and innovation.

Consultancy clients have included IBM, Samsung, the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG), Arts Council of England, Tate Gallery, Aga Khan Foundation, Godrej (India), Fitness First, iEnglish e-publishing, Royal London Society for Blind People, WWF, The International Confederation of Authors and Composers Societies (CISAC) and Laboral Art Centre (Spain).

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Report: The UK ‘Networked’ High Street

By Eva Pascoe and Niki Gomez

Client: Part of ‘Future of Retail White Paper’ for the House of Commons- the Bill Grimsey Review.

Traditional retail is disappearing from the high street quicker than you can say ‘Moore’s Law’.

The shift to e-commerce is most pronounced in the UK, having reached 10% of all purchases in most sectors, with 15% in sportswear and 18% in fashion (BRC, March 2013). Can retail successfully adapt to this trend or should they turn into housing stock as the government is proposing? (The Telegraph, 4 August 2013).

We see a chance to use the increasingly redundant stock of shops and warehouses into a #LessRetail mix on a new, Networked High Street where physical retail is just one of many sales and marketing channels. Local communities can flourish by adapting to technological advances : Libraries become hubs for E-lance working and  3d printing; and retailers network together to offer real-time, personalised deals to customers in response to the ‘showrooming’ trend of browsing in shops but buying online.


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Douwe Egberts

We produced a digital health check, customer insights and market/competitor analysis for the 3rd largest global coffee brand. We also made recommendations for the company’s B2B digital strategy in a 50 page report of our findings.

The report covered the major growth markets- across Europe and Australia and was presented at the International Websites Forum in Amsterdam.