Meditation and Breathwork

In these tough times, learn one of the most useful tools - meditation or mindfulness.

Private sessions to suit you. 

25 mins Guided Meditation
& Breathwork sessions 
on Zoom and in-person

With Niki Gomez

(London - Mumbai - Sri Lanka)

I've taught over100 people individuals and companies to meditate. 

I start each session with some Pranayama (breath work) to detoxify and calm the mind.

I also teach breathing hacks that help you find calm in those stressful moments throughout your day.

Technique: I practice different types of mediation including

Vipassana (silent 10 day retreat), Transcendental Meditation as well as The Silva Mind Control Method.

I will teach you a technique that works for you. 


Why should I meditate?

Meditation, Breathwork and Pranayama puts you in the present moment.

Sharpens your focus | Makes you happier. 

Meditation can make the world a better place and improve the quality of our lives. More

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