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Our magic

Switch on to an extraordinary life.
Here's how.
We use habits and relationships to make it happen.
1. We give you a personal health coach who assesses and co-creates your vision and goals to get to where you want to be next.
2. Together we devise your personal plan and set of micro-habits that roll out to get you there! We work to a 5 session plan and add more sessions as needed. 

3. We'll change your lifestyle through movement, diet and relaxation. 



We know that health is worth the investment. It affects everything in your life- your longevity, quality of life, relationships, performance at work and life in general. 

We're with you along the way, as much or as little as you'd like. Cheering you on, because we know it gets lonely at the top, as well as on the way there. 

Try Maximise Me for free. 

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- 3 times a week. On now till 7th November 2021.

What are micro habits?


Micro habits are small actionable power steps to become the full you.  We help you fit them easily into your lives.

We've based our work on the study of habits and their results on thousands of people globally by leaders like Professor BJ Fogg (Tiny Habits, Stanford University) and James Clear (Atomic Habits).


We use their methods to make habits easy to create, using more than will power. Using your overall vision, values and purpose to get you there ,So it's effortless. and you celebrate along the way. We'll advise on how you can anchor them into your daily life. So they stick.

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