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Usually low performance and chronic disease are a result of how we live our lives. Although we all know what we should be doing to be healthy, we don't do it long-term. We help you stay on-track for the long game and stop the resolutions that last just a few weeks.

How? We use evidence-based research from scientific clinical trials. This is modern medicine, called Functional or Lifestyle Medicine, where we identify the the root causes of disease, rather than just tackling the symptoms. We don't believe in calorie counting but rather we identify why you crave certain foods and change that. Forever, and in easy steps.


We help you identify why it's so important to you to get healthier, so you use intrinsic motivation rather than willpower. So change actually lasts.


Health Coach?

"Health Coaches find their client's internal motivation and set them up for success that’s personalized.

Because Health happens in the 99.9 percent of your life when you’re not in the doctor’s office.”

The New York Times

A certified Health Coach helps you get healthier for the long-term. We are your ally and accountability partner who works with you to unlock the life you desire. Our coaching is based on Functional/Lifestyle Medicine with a heavy dose of Nutrition, Movement and Stress Reduction coupled with Behavioural Psychology and Habit change.

Coaches look at overall health and underlying causes to e.g. why you can't lose weight, stop smoking or are feeling de-motivated. 

All our Coaches come from NBHWC or IFC certified courses, which means that they have some heavy-weight experience and training behind them.

Because we take your Health seriously, ensuring you're in safe and effective hands.

Some Coaches have additional qualifications such as degrees in Medicine, Habit - forming, Yoga, Meditation and psychology certifications.

Our Coaches are international and work remotely, ensuring we'll find someone who speaks your language, in your timezone and gets your culture!

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What happens

We meet you regularly and support your health journey, across nutrition, movement, sleep and stress. 


The steps to get there

1. We take your health history and understand what triggers ill-health for you. 

2. Set your personal health vision, idenitifying what you'll use great health for.

3. Set SMART goals, that we break down into tiny achieveable steps

4. Meet regularly to keep you on track, re-assessing as we go. We anticipate when you might get off track and put plans to bring you back.

5. Our team of health specialists support your journey as required. 


You reach your health goals for the long term. 

You'll go beyond health fads and learn the latest thinking around Elimination Diets,  Keto, Gut Microbiome, Inflammation, Breathwork, Meditation and the importance of Sleep.

How it works

We meet either in-person or through live video calls weekly or fornightly.

You can be in touch with us in-between sessions too. We share videos and articles, and set goals with reminders, if you want that.

Our app links to your Fit Bit, smart scales, Apple and Android Health, so we can easily track your health progress (optional). 

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