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What sort of health does Maximise Me focus on? 

We focus on your overall health - mental, physical and spiritual. For instance, a diet and fitness plan is often not enough to lose weight. It's usually based on how you see yourself and what's really important to you. You'll be motivated by the vision of who you want to be rather than using willpower. Together we create micro-habits that fit in your life, to get there. 

How exactly will I work with Maximise Me? 

You will sign up for 5 sessions of health coaching initially which can be taken weekly or over a time period works for you. The first session is 90 mins and the following ones about 1 hour.

Whom will I be working with?

You'll work with your personal Health Coach via regular live calls with our mobile app. Your Coach is an experienced compassionate professional, trained in the Micro-habits method. 

I feel pretty healthy? Do I need your services?

We often find with clients that they thought they were pretty healthy and didn't realise they could feel and perform even better! That they didn't need to feel tired after meals or frequently have bad tummies. Health functions on a continuum and you develop through different phases.

What results will I see?

You will see more balance in your life, better nutrition and body composition. 


Many of our clients improved their sleep. gained energy and motivation, lost weight and were able to improve their relationships. They were better able to manage their response to stress, increase focus and performance at work and lower anxiety levels through changing their lifestyles and daily habits. Some even reversed chronic disease such as heart health, obesity and diabetes

How do I work with your wider team?

Your Coach will recommend our specialists to work with when you need them. This could be a specialist Nutritionist, Fitness Coach or Yoga Teacher. You may see them for one session, a month or longer term. They are available on-line and in-person depending which you prefer. See Our Team for more details. 


How do you know what is healthy?

New research keeps discrediting accepted know-how. So we filter through fads and facts through the Institute of Functional Medicine, verifying all with evidence-based clinical research.

Health coaching can be expensive - are you? 

We don't want to cause you more stress, so our platform has different packages to suit you. Whether you're a company with 10,000 employees or an individual dreaming big. The packages vary according to the amount of live sessions you need.

Switch on. 

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