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How Viral Messaging Spreads Online- the case of SOPA and ACTA

What were the reasons why the entertainment industry and its allies lost the battle around the enforcement of the SOPA and PIPA legislation in the US and subsequently, ACTA, in Europe? How could they have failed when they had spent years building their influence, and had considerable backing in the US Congress?
We also looked at case studies of how other viral messaging spread- Kony 2012 and the Arab Spring, and why others, like Megaupload did not garner support.


We produced an in-depth report, held a 1 day conference and a webinar so our client could understand what messaging was put out by the entertainment industry, whom they addressed and why their influence was usurped.

Who really rallied support for the other side- was it the large tech companies lobbying Congress or was it rather a wide group of all kinds of interests who came together online?

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The Networked High Street: the alternative to e-shopping

How can the UK high streets reinvent themselves?

A report for the UK House of Commons Sept 4th 2013.


The Networked High St

The Networked High St


Eva Pascoe and I co-authored the technology section of the Bill Grimsey Report on the Alternative UK High St.
The UK high street is under assault from multiple threats, but the rise of online shopping is widely viewed as the biggest threat of all. While bricks and mortar sales have remained flat over the last five years, online sales have soared by 222 per cent – equal to an increase of £18.5bn.

And if high street retailers thought the worst tech tornado is behind them, they could not be more wrong. The pace of change is only going to get faster. The release of the 4G spectrum this August will allow online retail to offer such an immersive, exciting and user-friendly experience. In addition, the new, “same day delivery” option by Shutl (for Argos, Amazon and others) which rolled out in early 2013, is creating a lot of new Internet shoppers. Google will soon offer a similar service.

We see a chance to use the increasingly redundant stock of shops and warehouses into a #LessRetail mix on a new, Networked High Street where physical retail is just one of many sales and marketing channels. Local communities can flourish by adapting to technological advances : Libraries become hubs for E-lance working and 3d printing; and retailers network together to offer real-time, personalised deals to customers to buck the ‘showrooming’ trend of browsing in shops but buying online.

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A visit to London’s ‘Bitcoin squat'; article in Wired magazine

“Bitcoin really is the free market. It’s not about the abuse of power and monopolies”- Bitcoin developer, Amir Taaki

An article about the cultural ideology of the anarchist hackers behind much of Bitcoin’s development.   Read More 

Is Bitcoin a disruptive innovation?

A talk for MBA students at Portsmouth Business School, UK.

This talk explains Bitcoin and its innovations within the fields of politics, finance and technology. It covers what Bitcoin is and why now is the time for a crypto currency to take off. The talk focuses on the main innovations of Bitcoin.


Identifying the Digital Opportunity for Douwe Egberts Coffee

written by Niki Gomez for The Retail Practice, Jan 2014. (60 pages)

Douwe Egberts, a leading global FMCG brand specialising in coffee and related products. Although its B2B relationships are crucial to business performance, the brand’s digital developments have lacked focus, strategy and resources. Before a new strategy was created, the B2B team wanted to understand what their customers wanted and the context, threats and opportunities in their key growth markets.


Insights Report – a new mobile app for finding local shopping deals


written by Niki Gomez for The Retail Practice, Jan 2014

Big DL is a London Shoreditch-based tech start-up whose leadership team wanted retail sector expertise and insight to help drive product development and communication. We spoke to 90 consumers and tested the product features and communications campaign pre-launch.

Indian Consumer Trends

For Future Lab, a trend agency:


From my MBA:

Cloud Computing- The Case Against (2009)


Trust and the Web 2.0 (2009) 


Negociation Techniques: Sri Lankan Government vs LTTE Analysis (MBA)