Revitalising a 100 year old major Indian Brand

Godrej Industries FMCG, Mumbai, India.




2009, Mumbai, India

As a result of a large brand revitalisation, I was based for two years in Godrej’s Strategic Marketing Group in Vikhroli, Mumbai. The 100 year old brand underwent a revitalisation as well as acquisitions and divestments.

We managed a number of initiatives to make the master brand appeal to a younger demographic and have more cohesion across its many brands.


GoJiyo screenshot


We built and launched India’s first branded online social network with 1.2m members in 18 months.

One of the first ever Indian specific Internet properties was a mix of a virtual world with a social network and a game. Valued at US$25m by Dun and Bradstreet in 2010. Users could choose and customize their avatar that could fly, could voice and text chat with others and play games.

The project necessitated an impressive launch as IPL cricket TV sponsor and managed agencies – JWT, Interbrand and Customer Centria –

My Role:


  • Part of core team leading the vision, branding, build and launch of GoJiyo.
  • User research, concept and design, positioning, naming, competitive analysis, feature prioritisation
  • Closely worked with agency on software development.


  • Led efforts for GoJiyo to acquire 150k video views, 100k Facebook fans and 1k Twitter followers, in 1 year.
  • Oversaw the work of different creative agencies including JWT and Customer Centria.
  • Involved with TV IPL sponsor campaign launch.
  • Managed partnerships with Bollywood films- Anjaana Anjaani with Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra launched in GoJiyo. Managed other key music content partners – Hungama and Sony Music.
  • Managed shopping mall complex digital immersion activations across India and trained the public attendants.

An avatar in GoJiyo

cricket games

Gamification: playing cricket in GoJiyo


What is GoJiyo?

TV commercials- IPL sponsor 2010

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